Who We Are ~ Our Core Values

 About Christians
•Christians need to have a private life of study, prayer, and meditation.
•Christians need to meet weekly, for corporate study, prayer, and fellowship.
•Christians mature best in small groups.
•Learning increases skill and strengthens faith.
•The Scriptures call for every Christian to grow in grace and knowledge of Christ.
•We believe in the final authority of the Bible, and its personal application to our lives.
•The purpose of a Christian life is to know, love and serve God.
About our Church Family
•All people matter to God and therefore matter to the church.
•The church strives to be a unified community of believers with all people exercising their unique spiritual gifts.
•We encourage people to become involved before they become official members.
•The purpose of the Church is to worship God.
•The Scriptures call for every church to grow, and for every Christian to participate in the growth of the church.
•Our integrity guides all strategies, actions and programs, and ensures the appropriate use of our resources.
•The Church must be culturally relevant while remaining doctrinally pure.  
About our Community
•Our church is part of the North Grenville community.
•All people around us need to hear the good news, so they may choose to accept Jesus Christ as their personal Lord and Savior.
•We desire to lead by our example, rather than by the power of position.
•Our church is part of the larger Christian community.
•Teamwork recognizes our dependence on God and each other, and builds the Christian community.
•We are God’s representatives to those around us; sometimes we even use words.
Free Methodism … See the Free Methodist Church in Canada website.
Missional strategic plan   

Meet our staff…

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Official Board …
Amanda Boone
Jan Kupecz
Margaret Robertson – Treasurer
Linda Schmidt
Lia Wall