Hello families, welcome to our Faith @ Home series to help you, help your kids to grow their faith at home.

We’ve put together a “Faith at Home” PDF resource that can be used as a family devotional. The first three are going to be on Courage, Hope, and Help. Each week you will find an outline, a paraphrase of the Bible story, a memory verse, family devotional with questions, and some games or challenges. Below are links to videos that are connected with this week’s theme, story, and memory verse.

Week # 6 – God Keeps All His Promises

Pastor Liz is starting something new for Faith @ Home.  She will still be making live videos and linking a PDF to help you teach your kids about faith at home, but the PDF’s will be from the “Doorpost Songs Family Worship Guide.”  Each week there will be a PDF along with a fun kids video made “on location”  A link to the PDF will go out by email, if you are not on the Faith @ Home email list and would like a copy, please request yours here.

Week #5 – Faith or Mercy?

Welcome to week five of Faith @ Home, were we look at the story of Bartimaeus.  Help Pastor Liz choose the best word for the week, should it be faith or mercy?  Let her know by sending her a Facebook message here.

Week #4 – Seek

Welcome to another week of Faith @ Home. Our word of the week is: “seek”. 

There are two PDF’s this week. The first has the regular resources for Faith @ Home. The second is a Nature Scavenger Hunt that has a backyard or nature walk option. 
Faith at Home – Week 4 PDF Resource
Faith At Home Nature Scavenger Hunt – Week 4

Pastor Liz will be telling this week’s Jesus Story on Sunday, September 5, at 6:00 pm from a new secret location, check it out on the Church Facebook page here.

God’s Story: Zacchaeus

Leaf Wax Rubbing

Week #3 – Provide

PDF Resource – Faith At Home 3 Provide

God Story: Feeding of the 5000

Week #2 – Hope


God Story: Lazarus

Week #1 – Courage


God Story: Peter Walks on Water

Worship @ Home: Joshua 1:9 Song


“Walk on Water: Liquid Mountaineering”

This is a funny “documentary” about this group of “liquid mountaineers” that are forming a “new” (fake) sport of walking on water. It could be interesting introduction talking to older children and teens about Peter walking on water or just something to laugh at together.