Small Groups

Small Groups are a place to get to know people, and deepen your relationship with God. For more information about Small Groups, use the contact form below to contact Pastor Liz or call the Church office at 613-258-4815 x 100.

Small groups …

Prayer:  Tuesdays 11 AM in the Sanctuary.  Join us for a time of prayer.  Prayer time is informal and you can come and go as needed, but generally wraps up by 12 PM.  If you have a prayer request you can fill in a Connect Card here or call the Church office at 613-258-4815 x 100.
Fuel Night: A little something for everyone. Fuel Night is on hiatus for the summer but  will run weekly on Thursday nights at 6:00 PM starting in the fall.  There will classes/activities for kids, Youth and adults. Everything will wrap up by 8 PM.  More info can be found on the Church calendar here.

Fuel Kids: Kids in grades JK—6 will be lead by Pastor Liz.

Fuel Youth: Pastor Pastor Thomas & Amy-Beth will facilitate the  Youth (Grades 7+) in their own group.

Fuel Adults: The adults are working through Andy Stanley’s book and sermon series “Christian.”    “Christian” is a brand that can be good, bad, attractive, or repelling. It’s a loaded label no matter whom you ask. But where did the word come from? And did it come with instructions? In this message, Andy reexamines the word “Christian” and revisits the one thing Jesus wanted his followers to be known for-it may surprise you if you’ve been hurt by the church or by a Christian.   Get more info about the series here and catch up on any missed episodes:
Please note that you do not have to have a child in the kids or Youth program to take part in the adult study.


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    What is a Small Group?

    A Small Group can also be referred to as a care group or a life group. It consists of as many as twelve people who meet regularly for the purpose of building friendships, spiritual renewal and meeting needs in the church and community. Small Groups care about people first. The learning and activities compliment the groups as they become rooted and established in Christ’s love for each other. It is the intention that the caring they experience as a group overflows into the church family and community. To assist the caring of people, each Small Group has a Leader who is a care giver and coordinator for the group. Each of our Small Group Leaders has been chosen because of their leadership skills, their passion for God and compassion for people. They receive training on leading groups and being effective care givers.

    The mandate of a Small Group is to work together to grasp the volume of Christ’s love. As a group they have a three part purpose; to grow together (mature), to learn valuable skills for serving God (equip) and to spread the love of Jesus in their community (share) as they are filled to the measure of all the fullness of God.

    Want to start a small group?

    If you want to start a small group the ministry staff wants to support you. The first thing that you need to do is find four to six people other people who are not presently part of a Small Group and wish to meet weekly for fellowship, prayer and study. The next step is to decide on a location to hold your meeting. The final step is to speak with Pastor Liz who will assist you in putting together a start-up plan for your Small Group that will include a  Group Leader and an Instructor.
    Everyone in the church family is encouraged to be part of a Small Group. These types of groups were employed during the early years of Methodism. They are proven effective methods of growing in your relationship with God. As the Small Group ministry continues to evolve there will certainly be a group in which you can feel comfort and become part.
    Leaders of Small Groups can be Small Group Leaders, Instructors or Hosts (people who offer the use of their home for the weekly gathering). If you sense a call to being a Leader, you can make an appointment to speak with Pastor Liz who will help you discern this calling and will provide you with information about leadership at the North Grenville Community Church. In a perfect world everyone would belong to a Small Group. We don’t live in a perfect world. This doesn’t mean that you can’t mature in your faith, equip yourself to better serve God or find meaningful ways of sharing your faith with others. Everyone should set goals in these areas and find a friend with whom they can be accountable.