Sunday April 7, 2019

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Plan to join us for Easter at NGCC!  The weekend begins with the Good Friday walk of the Cross, which begins at 10 AM at the Kemptville Christian Reformed Church. 
There will be a Pot-Luck brunch in the foyer at 9:30 AM on Easter Sunday morning, followed by an Easter Egg hunt for the kids at 10 AM and a service of celebration at 10:30 AM.  Get all the details inside.
Did you know? There are over 300 000 international students from over 100 different countries enrolled at universities and colleges in Canada? During their 4+ years here in Canada, most of them never have the opportunity to be invited into a Canadian home.
International students often stay in the city during the major holidays like Easter, Thanksgiving and Christmas. Why not invite some students into your home to share a meal together? It’s a great opportunity for you to build friendship, to learn about foreign cultures and to help international students to build a sense of belonging in a new city.
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