Sunday June 9, 2019 – Pentecost Sunday

Highlights & Extra Info:
The 48 Hours of Prayer is underway, a huge thanks to everyone who has stepped up to fill in a slot.  If you haven’t already signed up and want a slot, there are 5 empty slots available on Saturday as follows: 9:00AM-9:59AM, 10:00AM-10:59AM, 2:00PM-2:59PM, 7:00PM-7:59PM, 8:00PM-8:59PM.  If you are available and would like to sign up, please let me (Susi) know by emailing or calling the Church office at 613-258-4815 x 100.  Thanks for “watching & waiting” with us.
More information is inside about our upcoming Society Meeting & BBQ as well as our July Kids Camp, check it out!

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